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Our company TRXMINER is engaged in the extraction of the TRX cryptocurrency. We have a large mining farm that brings in more than 1,000,000 TRX every month. Each of your contributions will be a contribution to the purchase of new mining equipment, which will bring us and you a lot of money!

We offer our users to earn 10% daily on their mining investments. Use the Profit Calculator.

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Technical questions

  • filter_1What are the risks?
    We guarantee our investors the confidentiality of personal data and the safety of funds. However, remember that any investment is always associated with risk, which is proportionally equal to profit. Therefore, we have selected the optimal ratio of profitability and risk when drawing up investment plans.
  • filter_2How to register?
    Enter your TRX address in the field and click Login, after which you will be taken to your personal account.
  • filter_3Who can become a member of the system?
    Anyone who has reached the age of majority can become a member of the system.
  • filter_4How many accounts can I create?
    You can create only one account in the system. If this condition is violated, the site administration will take action.
  • filter_5I still have questions, where can I go?
    You can contact us via mail - support@trxminer.pro and telegram - https://t.me/trxminer_chat

Financial questions

  • filter_1How to open a deposit?
    In order to open a deposit, enter your personal account and replenish your account using available payment systems - Tron TRC20. The project also has the opportunity to reinvest your profits.
  • filter_2How many deposits can be opened?
    An unlimited number of active deposits can be opened.
  • filter_3What is the term of the deposit?
    All deposits work for 1 year (365 days).
  • filter_4Is there a referral reward on the project?
    Yes, you will earn 10-2-1% from each replenishment of your referrals.
  • filter_5Minimum deposit and withdrawal?
    The minimum deposit is 50.00 TRX. Minimum withdrawal 20.00 TRX.
Wallet Amount Date
TMjyQNP***** 50.00 TRX 09-27-22
THDsF6Q***** 315.00 TRX 09-27-22
TMjyQNP***** 50.00 TRX 09-27-22
TScVS6R***** 200.00 TRX 09-27-22
TQCkrQC***** 50.00 TRX 09-27-22
TWxu8TN***** 50.00 TRX 09-27-22
TP1cpk4***** 100.00 TRX 09-27-22
TC3aF2o***** 50.00 TRX 09-27-22
TJCqwCN***** 200.00 TRX 09-27-22
TUaVC1a***** 50.00 TRX 09-27-22
Wallet Amount Date
TADXpxd***** 300.00 TRX 09-27-22
THR6Zx6***** 21.00 TRX 09-27-22
TUZ5JDi***** 20.00 TRX 09-27-22
TJ4VPzF***** 170.00 TRX 09-27-22
TDDWCRm***** 79.00 TRX 09-27-22
TTKgHc5***** 31.00 TRX 09-27-22
TDbTESf***** 20.00 TRX 09-27-22
TP6H8M9***** 30.00 TRX 09-27-22
TMcSXYa***** 30.00 TRX 09-27-22
TNB4uqj***** 20.00 TRX 09-27-22